Meet Dominik Zborek, the man behind the data

Meet Dominik Zborek, the man behind the data

The latest edition of the Global Startup Ecosystem Report provides us with a lot of interesting findings, all of which is based on extensive datasets. Those figures come from a variety of source, the most important of which being the entrepreneurs themselves. If you think Startup Genome conducted the surveys themselves by sending cold emails to thousands of founders, think again! The support of local ”connectors” and ”ecosystem builders” was instrumental, and in Frankfurt, that part was played by Dominik Zborek.

He is the main research manager at TechQuartier. Part of TQ’s core team since its inauguration, Dominik joined after completing his Master’s degree at Mainz University. A graduate in International Economics and Public Policy, his natural knack for numbers led him to take on various research assignments at TQ.

One of the most prominent ones has been the collaboration with Startup Genome. Since 2017, Frankfurt’s startup ecosystem is benchmarked against 60+ other ecosystems globally through the most comprehensive study available, the Global Startup Ecosystem Report (GSER). As explained above, each ecosystem has to conduct local mapping and surveying of the startups and their founders, which involves extensive primary data collection. If you are a startup in Frankfurt and are not aware about any of this, Dominik wants to talk to you! (Don’t be scared, it’s for your own good.)

Through Startup Genome and Dominik’s team intensive research, we have managed to get a very good idea how who our local startups are, what stage of their evolution they are at, what challenges they face, what . A lot of the findings and trends can be found in the latest GSER. Our goal however is to ‘open up’ this data even more, make it interactive, easily visualisable and shareable. We are considering many additional features to TechObserver, for example a detailed startup directory, dynamic charts presenting funding metrics, maps of local ressources, and many others. Dominik will prove instrumental in the design of each of these.

Listen to Dominik below as he explains the vision behind TechObserver.

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Hugo is the Marketing manager at TechQuartier. Originally from Montreal, he relocated to Germany in January 2018 and is now working to build up the Frankfurt startup ecosystem, tell the stories of its amazing community and make it shine on the global stage.