Intelligence re-considered: kicking off our series on Artificial Intelligence

Intelligence re-considered: kicking off our series on Artificial Intelligence

Excitement and fear – that pretty much covers the range of opinions when it comes to artificial intelligence (AI). Great minds, including Stephen Hawking and more recently Elon Musk, have warned that it needs to be stopped. The ‘love it or hate it’ attitude surrounding AI is as far-reaching as some of the myths that have grown in its wake. And some of those myths may actually become a reality someday. One thing is clear though: artificial intelligence could represent one of the greatest fundamental changes in technology as we know it, one that could eventually have an impact on all aspects of our lives.

In the short-term, AI technology is touted as a method to augment the human workforce, making it smarter, more innovative and faster. It also enables (real ☺) humans to work in smarter ways. Of course, these claims resonate with  those of past industrial revolutions, except that today’s AI-equipped robots and machinery are carrying out work generally reserved for the most highly-trained professionals in our society. They are scanning thousands of documents at lightning speed – a task that would take a lawyer hours to do. They can be highly specialised in carrying out a specific task, or they can be generalists that excel in multiple areas. And they will continue to ‘learn’ as they become more and more perfect.

From healthcare to traffic, from analysis to production, AI is being integrated everywhere. However while AI is far from taking over, as some fear, it is solving tasks that used to require human intelligence. So does this mean that the super human is also right around the corner? Probably not, but we will more likely be challenged to rethink our perception of intelligence, not in terms of superiority, but rather but diversity in excellence of fulfilling certain tasks.

Kicking off with the launch of the AI study Hessens Ambitionen für Künstliche Intelligenz conducted by State of Hessen and Accenture, along with the press conference where the creation of a Frankfurt AI Hub was announced, Techobserver will embark on exploring AI technology, from local AI heroes to global trends and societal implementation. Stay tuned!

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