Founder Insights with Matthias Karger from

Founder Insights with Matthias Karger from

In August 2016, Matthias Karger and Lars Rinn decided to revolutionize the energy sector with their Frankfurt-based GreenTech Startup

For many years now, more and more people have been installing solar panels on their roof. Whether this made economic sense has for as long a time been a source of debate. What we do know however is that using locally generated electricity is more efficient. If we look at users (and we are not talking here about the “Müller Family”, i.e. a very small generation and consumption of energy) such as commercial parks, hospitals or residential blocks, the evaluation and implementation has often seemed so complicated that most companies were not following through on the idea.

This is where saw an opportunity and a need for improvement. They set out to develop the web application opti.node, which radically simplified those processes.

Matthias took some time to tell us more about his current “baby”,, but he also shared his profound experience of being a founder, as this startup was not been his first. He highlights the challenges of being a founder, how to approach corporate collaboration and why starting a GreenTech business in the FinTech hub Frankfurt can be an advantage.

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