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Frankfurt Rhein-Main

Share of Employment by Industry

Source: “Wissensatlas 2018: Menschen. Chancen. Zukunft. Eine Vermessung der Wissensregion FrankfurtRheinMain.”

“The Frankfurt Ecosystem is developing at a remarkably fast pace. During the last two years, universities, corporates and policy leaders have joined forces to collaborate closely towards one common goal: making Frankfurt a startup hotspot. The magic formula of Frankfurt is its huge talent base paired with a solid infrastructure, lots of multinationals and a local market of 5.7M inhabitants. In particular, with regard to the sub-sectors of Fintech, Cybersecurity and Big Data, Frankfurt has developed a leading position with various promising scale-ups and startups.

Thomas Funke and Sebastian Schäfer – Co-Directors at TechQuartier

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Frankfurt Rhein-Main

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Frankfurt Rhein-Main


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