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There is a perfect age for startup success

2018-10-02T13:17:10+00:00 October 2nd, 2018|

Nowadays when people talk about startups, the first thing that comes to mind are the young 20-somethings wearing hoodies and sneakers: they’re creative, they’re optimistic and ‘failure’ isn’t part of their vocabulary. But a team of researchers - including experts from MIT, Northwestern and the U.S. Census Bureau - recently uncovered the truth behind the

Dissolving borders: Merging disciplines & the future of innovation through diversity

2018-09-24T16:04:04+00:00 September 11th, 2018|

How do you create innovative and groundbreaking ideas, but most importantly how do you implement them and make them happen? In a constantly changing world is the conjunction of ideas from different backgrounds, industries and cultures what drives innovation. At least this is what Frans Johansson the author of The Medici Effect praises and explain on

Spotlight on Community Builders – Featuring Rhein-Main Startups’ Paul Herwarth von Bittenfeld and Pedro Ferreira

2018-07-03T09:43:56+00:00 July 2nd, 2018|

While the name does not naturally find itself in the conversation when it comes to startup ecosystems, Frankfurt is progressivelly establishing itself as a up-and-coming global hotspot for aspiring founders and entrepreneurs, especially in the Fintech sector. Due to its large talent pool, its positioning as the financial center of continental Europe, its tight knit

Frankfurt’s Got (the Potential for) Talent—how to accelerate entrepreneurial activity

2018-06-13T13:07:32+00:00 June 12th, 2018|

Frankfurt has a prominent concentration on universities, art colleges, and research institutes, a compelling strength that helps them to stand out in comparison to surrounding cities. Goethe University Frankfurt incubator program, Goethe Unibator, in particular is only a small step toward the entrepreneurial education that should be provided to employees, alumni, and especially students throughout

The Disadvantaged Creating Advantages—integrating women and immigrants into Frankfurt’s startup scene

2018-06-13T14:23:56+00:00 June 12th, 2018|

There may be hundreds of active startups within the region of Frankfurt, but the city is far from where they could be. According to the Startup Genome report, there is a desperate need for more startups to contribute to economic growth. But how will this be accomplished, exactly? Surprisingly, it can be accomplished through the

From corporate banker to head of a startup – An interview with Torsten Sonntag, CFO and COO at VERIMI

2018-06-14T16:18:34+00:00 May 28th, 2018|

By Alina Kilian Torsten Sonntag was working for one of the biggest German banks for 26 years. Now, he manages VERIMI, the Frankfurt and Berlin-based user identity management platform. The startup is backed by 10 large European companies, namely Allianz, Daimler, Axel Springer, Deutsche Bank, Bundesdruckerei, Deutsche Telekom, Lufthansa, Giesecke + Devrient, CORE and Here

Founder Insights with Matthias Karger from node.energy

2018-06-14T16:07:46+00:00 May 16th, 2018|

In August 2016, Matthias Karger and Lars Rinn decided to revolutionize the energy sector with their Frankfurt-based GreenTech Startup node.energy. For many years now, more and more people have been installing solar panels on their roof. Whether this made economic sense has for as long a time been a source of debate. What we do know

Meet Dominik Zborek, the man behind the data

2018-06-12T12:22:50+00:00 April 17th, 2018|

The latest edition of the Global Startup Ecosystem Report provides us with a lot of interesting findings, all of which is based on extensive datasets. Those figures come from a variety of source, the most important of which being the entrepreneurs themselves. If you think Startup Genome conducted the surveys themselves by sending cold emails

It Takes a Region to Raise a Startup – Interview with Fabian Karau

2018-06-12T12:22:39+00:00 April 17th, 2018|

One thing that comes across when talking with Fabian Karau, it is his passion. He makes it clear from the beginning of our conversation : this project is born purely out of love for the startup community. Here is the idea : a poster where all key players, namely startups, corporates, universities, accelerators, along with

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