Sports, technology and collaborative innovation : How tech startups are changing the game

Professional sports teams are increasingly turning to new technologies and startups to gain a competitive edge. It's in that collaborative context that Eintracht Frankfurt and TechQuartier teamed up to work out a challenging program that helped 14 European SportsTech startups to boost their business: MMI SportsTech.  During the bootcamp, which was held from April 23 -

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Frankfurt startups conquer the Top 10 of the Global Startup Ecosystem Report (GSER) 2018

The much-anticipated yearly report from Startup Genome was released today and positions Frankfurt as a leader according to multiple categories. Among the indicators where Frankfurt ranked favourably, the early-stage funding per startup (21st), the sense of community (7th) and global connections happening locally (top 5 globally). Frankfurt, Hessen, April 17, 2018 – Released at the Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC) in

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Global trends and other key findings from the 2018 Global Startup Ecosystem Report

The Global Startup Ecosystem Report (GSER) 2018: Key Findings Startup Genome works to increase the success rate of startups and improve the performance of startup ecosystems across more than 30 countries. We advise leaders of innovation ministries, agencies and organizations supporting startups.   The Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2018 is the world’s most comprehensive startup

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Meet Dominik Zborek, the man behind the data

The latest edition of the Global Startup Ecosystem Report provides us with a lot of interesting findings, all of which is based on extensive datasets. Those figures come from a variety of source, the most important of which being the entrepreneurs themselves. If you think Startup Genome conducted the surveys themselves by sending cold emails

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It Takes a Region to Raise a Startup – Interview with Fabian Karau

One thing that comes across when talking with Fabian Karau, it is his passion. He makes it clear from the beginning of our conversation : this project is born purely out of love for the startup community. Here is the idea : a poster where all key players, namely startups, corporates, universities, accelerators, along with

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Welcome to TechObserver!

IT'S ALIIIIIVE! Today, we are extremely proud to be launching TechObserver, a platform dedicated to the Frankfurt Rhine Main ecosystem (and its wonderful community!). Now one might say, what value can yet another ''platform'' bring. We hear you! There are already multiple ressources and channels for the local community to find out about upcoming events

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New! Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2018

Startup Genome and the Global Entrepreneurship Network Launch the Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2018 Insights from thousands of founders about what drives startup success and helps ecosystems grow and thrive Istanbul, April 17, 2018 — What technology sub-sectors hold the most promise for economic growth? How much local networking should startup founders do in their

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Founder Insights with Smartkarma co-founder, Jon Foster

Jon Foster tells us more about Smartkarma, a FinTech company he co-founded which operates a digital marketplace and provides investment insights to servicing the global asset management firms. He also shares his insights regarding venture capital (Smartkarma counts Sequoia as one of its main backers), the importance of pre-launch validations and the uncertainty that

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Global Partnership Forms to Study Vibrant Frankfurt Startup Ecosystem and Identify Growth Drivers

Frankfurt (March 12th 2018) — In a unique global partnership, a 28-year-old Chinese serial entrepreneur, Startup Genome, Goethe University, and TechQuartier have come together to identify key factors in the success and growth of startup ecosystems. The project will focus on the fast-growing startup ecosystem in Frankfurt, Germany, and will generate findings that can be applied to

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